Industrial Design by DesignBranch

DesignBranch is a full-service design studio bringing together all the services that are required for product development.

We believe that good product design puts people 1st and empowers innovation.

Industrial Design

Covering all facets of the concept development process.


Excelling in both small and large scale production.

Prototype Development

We manage and expedite the prototyping process for you.

Manufacturing Support

We stay with you until production units are going out the door.

Industrial Design

Whether your company is starting at square one in defining basic product requirements and architecture or just looking to improve the aesthetics of an existing product, we can help you with innovative, groundbreaking ideas.


DesignBranch engineering expertise has been applied to products and systems ranging from medical instruments to assembly machinery and even large scale solar energy equipment.

Prototype Development

Almost all of our projects require prototypes and in many cases, we manage and expedite the prototyping process for our clients. While we don’t fabricate any prototypes in-house, we do rely on our network of service bureaus and shops to develop all of the parts necessary for the assembly of fully functioning prototypes.

Manufacturing Support

We stay with you until production units are going out the door, managing the development, prototyping, and manufacturing procurement process.

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Our Testimonials

From Prototype to Manufacture

DesignBranch stands out as the premier choice for industrial design prototypes due to its unparalleled blend of innovation, expertise, and client-centric approach. With a seasoned team of highly skilled designers, we excel in translating concepts into tangible, functional prototypes that surpass industry standards. We prioritize collaboration, ensuring clients’ visions are not only met but exceeded. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail results in prototypes that seamlessly marry aesthetics with functionality. Trustworthy and deadline-driven, DesignBranch consistently delivers exceptional prototypes, making it the optimal choice for those seeking top-tier industrial design solutions.

Product Feature

Check out our promotional video for VACCARO dish rack.

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