Industrial Product Design Services in Dallas, TX

Full Service Industrial Design Firm for Dallas, TX

Design Branch is a full-service industrial design group for Dallas, TX, whose goal is to change how companies think about designing and making products. Our team of professional designers and engineers excels in making industrial designs that are innovative, practical, and visually pleasing that fit with current market developments. We at Design Branch know that every job is different, so we ensure that our services fit the needs of every client.

Whether you’re a new business trying to get a new product on the market or an old business trying to bring your old products back to life, we can help you with everything from the idea to the manufacturing. Our collaborative work ethic ensures that the whole design process runs smoothly, quickly, and in line with our clients’ needs. Success is essential to Design Branch, and we love design. We consider ourselves to be one of the best full services industrial design firms for Dallas, TX.

Full Servicing Industrial Design Company for Dallas, TX.
Product Prototyping Service for Dallas, Texas.

Product Prototyping Services in Dallas, TX

Design Branch is among the best in Dallas, TX, for making high-quality product prototypes, that are necessary for companies that want to make their innovative concepts come to life. Modern tools like 3D printing, CNC machining, and other prototyping methods are available in our facility. This lets us make accurate and useful prototypes quickly. Our skilled professionals work closely with customers to fully grasp their ideas and blueprints, making sure that every sample not only meets, but also exceeds their hopes.

Our product prototyping services are meant to speed up the development process. Whether it’s a simple model to test form and function or a more complicated prototype for user testing and investor presentations. Design Branch is proud of its ability to turn ideas into actual products. This lets our clients in Dallas, Texas, make changes quickly and easily, cutting down on time to market, and making sure the end product is the best it can be.

Industrial Product Patent help in Dallas, TX

At Design Branch in Dallas, TX, we know how important it is to use patents to protect your newly developed product. Our industrial product patent help service is designed to help clients find their way around the complicated world of intellectual property ownership. We offer complete help throughout the whole patenting process, from the first patent searches to making sure your product is unique to carefully preparing and filing patent applications.

Our team works with patent attorneys to protect your original ideas legally. This protects your industry’s foothold and gives you an edge over competitors. We help you file for patents and give you strategic tips on managing and using your patents to grow your business. You can be sure that Design Branch will carefully guide your industrial inventions through the patent process. This will protect your intellectual property rights in Dallas, TX, and beyond.

Industrial products patent help service for Dallas, Texas.

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