Manufacturing Support

We stay with you until production units are going out
the door, managing the development, prototyping,
and manufacturing procurement process. We can develop
the specifications and quality control documentation
to make sure that your product will reliably
perform it’s function.

Specializing in

Ceramics and Resin
Plating and Anadizing
Textiles and Soft Goods
Blow Molding
Dual Material Processes
Sonic and Inferred Welding

Manufacturing support in industrial design is crucial as it ensures the seamless transition of a concept into a tangible product. Collaborating with manufacturers during the design phase enhances the feasibility and efficiency of production, optimizing the design for scalability, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

DesignBranch prefers working closely with manufacturing teams gain invaluable insights into production capabilities, materials, and processes. This collaboration ensures that the chosen design is manufacturable without compromising its essence. Engineers and designers can adapt the design to align with specific manufacturing methods, reducing complexities and minimizing production challenges.

Additionally, manufacturing support helps in identifying potential issues early on, preventing costly revisions later in the production cycle. It allows for the optimization of materials and components, streamlining the assembly process, and enhancing the product’s overall manufacturability.

Moreover, this collaboration facilitates innovation by leveraging manufacturing expertise. We can explore novel materials, manufacturing techniques, or process improvements suggested by the manufacturing team, leading to more efficient and groundbreaking solutions.

Ultimately, manufacturing support in industrial design ensures that the final product not only embodies the intended design but is also feasible, cost-effective to produce, and maintains high-quality standards, contributing significantly to the success and market competitiveness of the product.

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