BumpOut Expansion Technology is the newest innovation in portable audio. It allows you to carry a truly portable speaker on the back of your phone.

Healthcare management system

DesignBranch was handed an idea. Our team went straight to work making it real. We guided engineering, design and prototyping of the BumpOut speaker as it had been imagined. DesignBranch brought the BumpOut speaker to life.

The modular casework is extremely compact and versatile, allowing for an on the move solution for modern training environments.

Medical Education Camera exploded
Medical Education Camera examples

Training in Motion is ready to go, out-of-the-box, complete within minutes.  It includes wireless connectivity, and battery-powered mobility to help effective training anywhere.


EMS debuted Training in Motion at the IMSH Tradeshow with several 3D printed fully working prototypes of their innovative modular designs.

Trade Show Success

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